"I never get massages but I just had

 an amazing massage with Heather! She is very grounded and centered with her energy and was completely relaxed....Her massage space is super positive with good vibes and very clean as well! Highly recommended!"-Caitlin

"I can't say enough good things about Heather, her knowledge, skills, passion and dedication for whatever she puts her energy into! Heather listens and pays attention to detail. She is well worth your time and you will get the best treatment! Make an appointment!" -Joe

"What a fabulous young woman! I always enjoy every moment spent with Heather. I receive a massage once a week from her and I couldn't imagine skipping even one! I leave feeling refreshed and my pain melts away almost instantly! So greatful I have found her!" -Julie

"Very impressive massage! She seems to know where all of my sore spots are and works her magic to help relieve the tension. Great job Heather!" -John